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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seemingly bad, but actually good

Yesterday and today seemed completely awful to the average eye:

Bad Things That Happened Yesterday

1. I was harassed by Becca to give her the money I owed her (this would have been fine if she hadn't already asked me 12 TIMES the night before)!

2. I had to miss my first class so I could finish my paper.

3. Becca reminded me that we had cleaning checks and I had to scramble to make my bed which made me miss the bus to school.

4. I missed the bus to school. See #3.

5. The people who peer edited my paper in my American Literature class ripped it apart which caused numbness to the point that I don't really remember walking to the bus stop.

6. I had to go to work. This wouldn't be bad except I kind of hate my job. They treat me bad there.

and then today....

1. I woke up late which caused me to contemplate missing class which would mean missing a quiz. This contemplation took 20 minutes which made me even more late and I had to take a later bus.

2. I was late to class.

3. I had to take my geology test. And pay $3 to take it.

4. I failed my geology test. I'm not kidding. I really did get an unacceptable grade.

In spite of all of these bad things, I have decided to stay positive. It's the only thing I can do (other than rely on the Lord). That's when I realized that these two days have been a learning experience for me. I got to experience bad things so I could feel the Spirit give me peace and so I could learn to trust the Lord a little more.

Good things that happened:

1. I finished a draft of my paper which makes it way less stressful to turn in the final thing. And I got to make it better. And the Spirit led me to another source that would give me more credibility.

2. As I walked back from the testing center about to cry I felt the Spirit tell me that everything would be ok. I know now what I need to do to get a passing grade on the next test and to keep working hard in the class. It will all be worth it in the end.

3. I have found time to read the Conference Ensign. I am almost done with reading it cover to cover and I can't wait to keep studying it and go back to my favorite talks.

4. I have a special job in my ward right now where I have been asked to go to the temple once a week for 6 weeks. I can't wait to go either today or tomorrow. Attending the temple will definitely help me with school no doubt about it.

5. An opportunity to apply for a better job came up. Hopefully I get it because of course I am perfect for it and it's perfect for me! Pray for me por favor!

Be positive! Everything will work out the way it's supposed to if you are doing what is right! That is a guarantee!!!!

Love, Rachel.

P.S. i was uploading my pictures today and I accidentally took this gem:


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