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Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad

My dad is my best friend. He and I are the same soul. I know that sounds weird, but its true. We look alike, we think alike, we act alike...everything I know about life I learned from my dad.

Two major life things I have learned from my father: how to read and how to endure.
I learned to read really young. I was the only one in my kindergarten class who knew how and I felt pretty special. I always saw my dad reading. He took me to get my library card for the Davis County Library. I followed his example checking out book after book after book! I remember when the Harry Potter books came out, I would read them and then he would and we would talk about how amazing they were! When the fourth one came out, I remember he came home from work and handed it to me so I could read it during our vacation to Bear Lake. I love to read because I learned it from my father.

My dad also showed me how to endure and rely on the Lord, especially through the hard times. My father has an MBA from BYU and is so smart. He knows exactly how to work with people and what to do in times of crisis. When I was in 8th grade he lost his job at Franklin Covey. This was a hard blow to our family. We didn't have any money and we had to figure out how to live. My father endured. We kept going to church and doing the best we could to do what was right. It was the only thing we could do. Then, he got a job. Then 3 weeks later the company went bankrupt and he lost that job. Then when I was a sophomore in high school, he began doing consulting work for his friends company and eventually they created a job for him. He worked there until my senior year of high school, and once again, the company downsized and we were left in the dust. Left in the dust for two years. And then once again, an opportunity arose. A new job, and he took it. So far it has worked out. So far it has been wonderful.
These times were an emotional roller coaster. It's extremely difficult to be happy then devastated all in a short period of time. It's completely exhausting to go up and down like that. The only way to move on is through the Savior. The only way to keep going is the Atonement. My dad showed me that. He went through absolute hell. He beat himself up, he sacrificed everything, he did all he could for two years. He pursued and stayed true to what he believed in. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing that has carried my family and my father was the best example of how to live it without deviation.

My dad is the funny guy. He always has a joke and he looovvveeesss to practice them on us. I love telling the jokes he comes up with to other people because then I get to smile and feel that connection with my dad. He knows how to do everything. He fixes sprinklers, electricity, he installs appliances, he puts in tile and wood flooring, he has the coolest latest phone, he knows how to program a television. He is the greatest at knowing how things work and how to fix them.

My dad also taught me how to play golf. I distinctly remember him standing behind me helping me swing his driver in the front yard. He was always (and is still always) watching the tournaments on the t.v. teaching us all the names of the players and telling us who is good and who isn't. He took us golfing at the little Bear Lake golf course and celebrated with me when I got my first birdie. He encouraged my sister and me to do the girls golf team in high school. I remember in one tournament at Eagle Mountain in Brigham City, I made my putt and looked up and there was a strange man standing at the edge of the green. I realized that it was my dad and that he had driven all the way up from Bountiful to watch my sister and me play.

My father is a great teacher. He is my hero, my favorite person in the world. I could not live without him. His bright blue eyes and big friendly smile are the greatest sight in the world whenever I come home. I am so lucky and so blessed to have such a father. You all should be jealous. I love you dad!!


  1. i love your dad too. You are a lucky girl. Thanks for this touching and accurate post

  2. I did not kuh-no you had a blog!! Schveeeeet..... um I liked it. A lot. Like I like my dad. A lot. I like him so much that I love him.