Name's Barf. I'm a mog, half man half dog. I"m my own best friend.

Friday, March 26, 2010

just let me be, legally blonde

Tonight was a fantaaasatic night! I saw a show at the most fantabulous (and architecturally stunning I might add) Capitol Theatre. The show was Legally Blonde: the musical! My very favorite modern musical!!

They have made changes to the story. Good changes. Like, Emmet is not an idiot. And Vivian is more human. Things like that made the show more relatable!

I could go on and on and on about the entire thing, but that would take forever! It was amazinggggggg! That's the only word I can use to describe it!
It makes me want to be a in a show again.....someday!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My cousin Truman left for theh MTC yesterday. He is going to the Manchester England mission. On monday night he came down to my apartment to say goodbye. It was sweet of him to remember that I probably wasn't going to make it up to Bountiful to say farewell with the rest of the crew. It made my day that he wanted to come say goodbye.

Truman and I are the same age. We went to school together from the fifth grade on! He is my cousin and my friend and I am very proud of him and his choice to serve a mission. It's the greatest thing he could do right now!

He made my day and then made me cry.

I miss you already Trumeeee!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 Loves

1. sundays
2. my family
3. old books
4. libraries
5. blankets
6. summer dresses
7. cafe rio
8. peach crystal clear
9. Candy Bars
10. grapefruit anything
11. my cell phone
12. vintage clothing
13. converse all-stars
14. sunshine
15. swimming pools
16. getting letters
17. classic rock
18. crayola crayons
19. post-it notes
20. the jonas brothers
21. pink
22. fuzzy socks
23. running
24. silver nail polish
25. smiling
26. seventeen magazine
27. utah utes
28. food network
29. victorian houses
30. chocolate
31. summer rain
32. spice-so-nice roses
33. puppies
34. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
35. church hymns
36. bear lake
37. golfing
38. dr. pepper
39. bountiful
40. my jane austen action figure
41. chocolate chip cookies
42. my minnetonka moccasins
43. sandals
44. writing letters
45. tyler hilton
46. chick flicks
47. gone with the wind
48. keva juice
49. main street
50. football games
51. hiking
52. spanish
53. fashion
54. history
55. cartoons
56. musical theatre
57. lemon heads
58. pearls
59. driving bountiful boulevard
60. forever 21
61. santorini
62. tommy boy
63. naps
64. robintino's
65. roundabouts
66. baking
67. basketball
68. my room mates
69. institute
70. eulala butters
71. sewing
72. my snuggie
73. lotr
74. whiteboards
75. coloring books
76. blessings
77. sweaters
78. people magazine
79. flower prints
80. airplanes
81. dinseyworld
82. disneyland
83. harry potter
84. scavenger hunts
85. north canyon park
86. seashells
87. gray
88. hair elastics
89. shorts
90. nephi
91. west side story
92. aviator sunglasses
93. coloring books
94. the buy low market
95. the life sized zac efron in my room...
96. the zac efron poster in my kitchen
97. bountiful sunsets
98. sleeping beauty
100. singing