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Monday, December 5, 2011

My Grandmother's Hair

My grandmother is going through chemotherapy. She has uterine cancer. Chemotherapy means no hair. My entire life everyone that I have ever met has known my grandmother by her hair. For example: my fifth grade school program went like this. "oh my grandma is here!" "is your grandma the lady with the big blonde hair?" "yes" "her hair is way cool!" Ok so maybe not word for word but you get the idea. Her hair has been many styles. Always trendy and always always beautiful. Her hair is part of her. Always big and blonde. And now it's going to be gone. And I am weirded out. And then I remember what this all means. Her hair being gone means she is willing to fight no matter what. It means she is going to be bigger than life by fighting death, just like her hair. And that's how I know everything will be ok. Because she is powerful like her hair. She is important. She is strong. She is amazing.

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  1. wow really said it... I love this post